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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring is here (I think)

Another month has come and gone so it must be time to write again.  Easton, of course is beginning to grow like a little weed and is continuing to work hard on that good set of lungs of his.  This weekend our family gathered again for the traditional turkey dinner at my home.  I am so thankful that both my sons married wonderful cooks - so together we managed to scrape up a few gourmet dishes along with the big turkey that I convinced my stepmother (Lyn) to cook up.  

Once again Easton was the center of attention so it was easy to capture some video footage on my new HD camera.  After a few frustrating hours of editing I managed to pull together 35 seconds of Easton's debut as a movie star.  I hope a few people will take the time to play it.  

I often wonder why God took Marilyn before she had a chance to meet her grandson.  Thinking about this too much brings back too many memories and the tears begin to flow again so I try not to dwell on the thoughts.  I know God has his perfect plan but I am sure all of us have many questions that will go unanswered in this lifetime.  I just hope that Marilyn and her best friend Janice (who went ahead of her) can look down from time to time and see the grandchildren they both loved so dearly.

Time away from home for spring break was good for me.  I went back to some of our favorite places in southern California.  Too often I caught myself feeling sorry that Marilyn wasn't with me to enjoy the vacation but then I was brought back to reality with the thought that Marilyn is in such a better place now.  She wouldn't even want to return.  It is only me feeling sorry for myself.  I just need to keep my faith strong and know that God will be calling me home someday too.

Speaking of coming home - when I got off the plane back in (sunny?) Alberta, I was greeted to a grand blizzard.  This was a far cry from the spring weather I had left a week earlier.  April is supposed to be a cheery month isn't it?  I came back to winter - but when I think back to other years, I guess it hasn't changed.  It is something I just never can get used to - even after over 50 years of living here.  For the last 2 weeks I have been trudging around the neighborhood taking the census for the city trying to keep my feet dry from all the 2 and 3 foot snowbanks still piled high in most peoples yards.  This week has been warm (except for the snowstorm yesterday) so I am hoping to finish up my counting in the warm and sunny weeks left in April.  At least the snow has almost all disappeared so hopefully my spring census job will soon be over and I can get busy planting flowers and setting up for the proverbial Spring Garage Sale.  Drop by in May or June and take some of my old treasures back to your garage.


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