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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Well here it is the middle of March and I haven't written since February.  I still often drop by this blog to see who has been here and though most don't leave a comment I see your presence and feel your prayers.  Last week at this time on Saturday morning I took some time to sit in one of Marilyn's favorite chat rooms.  It was great to connect with a few of her dear friends and spend a few minutes chatting about life and of course Easton.  Easton is doing well and appears that he might follow in the footsteps of his many musical relatives because he has a terrific set of lungs and singing seems to be a favorite pastime.  Although as of yet the tune is quite undistinguishable - but still very clear.  I think the words are "I am hungry, feed me now now now.

As a father I learned the very useful skill of how to turn off a crying kid.  Lay the child on his back along your forearm and then rock him back and forth. up and down very quickly.  None of this gentle stuff.  Depending on the speed with which you "rock" and the length of time you do this the child will either become dizzy or disoriented,  get very quiet and then poop their pants. This is wonderful fun for the Grampa because there is an unwritten rule that Grampas don't have to change dirty diapers so you simply turn the now quiet and happy child over to his parents for a clean diaper.  Soon the little cherub is peaceful and ready to cuddle.  Works every time (Almost).   

Now on the serious side of things - It is wonderful being a grampa and even though it has only been just over a month I can see that little Easton is starting to grow and get longer.  Soon I won't be able to do the fast rock fun with him any more because he will be just to big.  Last weekend we had a great time together as a family and everyone came over to my place on Sunday evening for dinner and to (of course) admire and pass around the newest member of the family.

As for me - I have been quite busy trying to catch up at school and trying to remember over 200 names.  This is something I am not so good at.  Spring break is just around the corner (along with spring) and I am really looking forward to a few days relaxing at the Lawrence Welk resort just out of San Diego CA.  David and Tracie (my other son and his wife) will be joining me and have planned how I will relax.  None of this sitting around the pool.  I may have to deviate from the plan part of the time to make sure that I don't end up too tired to go back to work when I get home.

PS Congratulations to Earl and Virginia Wickens (My cousin and his wife) on becoming grandparents for the first time.  Send me a picture and I will post it here with Easton. Hopefully the two boys will become life long friends like you and I have been over the years. 

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jennstar said...

Ardith sent us some pictures of Easton as well. Glad to hear you are enjoying him. Loving a baby always brings healing. My own father, as he was losing my mom to dementia, bonded strongly with our then baby Clara. It was very healing for him.
Steve and Jenny