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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My first day as a Grampa

Well I have been pleasantly surprised with some rather quick responses to my comments last week.  Sometimes I wonder if people actually read what I write.  Not that I need to have people reading my thoughts but it is a comfort to me at times when I feel lonely.  I know that Marilyn had many friends that I never knew and I often wish I had taken the time to connect the way she only could. 

My life has been quite a whirlwind of busyness through January as I went back to teaching full time again.  Marilyn was always there to support me before and I miss her so now.  She would often lighten my load helping me write lessons and mark students papers.  Now with report cards due and ideas for lessons whirling about in my head I often feel overwhelmed.  One thing for sure- I do feel the presence of God helping me through each day.  

Today I went to our weekly church buffet supper for the first time in a few months.  The experience was difficult, especially when someone said "I haven't seen you in a long time - Where is your wife?  Are you alone tonight? - -  I knew I would have to face situations like this but this hit me hard.  In a church with 5000 people I know one can't expect everyone to be aware of what has gone on in my life.  It was a lesson to me of how important it is to stay connected to those around us as best we can.

I have felt the prayers of any these last few weeks and for that I want to say a big THANK YOU!!

One more thing.  I am officially a Grampa as of 7:00 tonight.  This is the one thing that I know Marilyn wanted to be a part of.  Why God decided to take her home before this event will remain a mystery and will be one of my first questions when I join Marilyn in Heaven.  But for now I am rejoicing with my son, Stephen and his wife Erin as they now have a new little life to account for.  His name is Easton Gray Seeley.  I can't wait to hold him.


PS I will post a picture or two when I get them and if the chat board doesn't work for you my email address is brseeley@cbe.ab.ca

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