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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Vacations are always too short

Well once again it has been a long time since I wrote anything here. The last time I stopped to write I was celebrating Fathers Day with family and contemplating a long summer vacation. Long never seems long after it is over though. Vacation times always go too quickly and once again that was the case for me. Although I must say that even though the holiday season seemed to short I was able to pack in lots of enjoyment. God was good to allow me some wonderful travel with two fantastic companions - Ardith (Marilyn's cousin) and Lyn (my step mother).

The first three weeks of July was spent wandering through the North West USA by train and automobile and attending many wonderful music concerts. We first took a 3 day trip by van to Salt Lake City where we abandoned the van and hopped the train to Denver. What a glorious trip through the Wyoming desert. From there we rented a car and drove to Vail where we spent a week in the mountains, taking in both the beautiful scenery and one of the nations largest classical music festivals. There we heard the Dallas Symphony orchestra, Philadelphia philharmonic orchestra and many string ensembles from around the world. Not a day went by without some beautiful music. After our week in Vail we returned to Salt Lake via the glorious Rocky mountain train route to retrieve my van and to take in the American Idol top ten tour. I must say that this event (something I was really looking forward to) was the biggest disappointment of the summer. Yes - all these up and coming artists all have amazing talent but sadly they are being worshiped as god like heros. I went to hear the beautiful music they all can produce but only heard the ear splitting screaming from fans and music that was horribly distorted by amplifiers manned by seemingly untrained sound engineers. The mix of instruments and voice was so badly distorted the only thing I remember is how relieved I felt when the ordeal was over. Lyn (who had never experienced a loud pop concert) was a great sport to even go along but I know there will never be another pop concert that she will attend again in her lifetime.

From Salt Lake we ambled back to Creston where I dropped Lyn at her home and Ardith and I stayed overnight with her, went to church and then drove back to Calgary. This was a trip none of us will forget.

As an added bonus this summer I was contacted by a marketing company to do some people surveys in the national parks so after just a few days at home I was off again but this time to "work" - if you could call it working. Mostly I stood around and talked to tourists while the company paid for me to spend first one week in Lake Louise and then a second week in Glacier national park. With only 4 hours a day of "working", I had lots of free time to check out all the nice restaurants and do some sightseeing that I always wished I could do but either never had the time or money to enjoy. So at the end of the two weeks all I had to do was turn in the receipts and get paid for all the hard work I had put in. I just wish I could do that as a regular job.

After my "hard work" in the national parks I rushed home just in time to pack for an intensive one week Jazz course at the University of Manitoba. The course was great but there was absolutely no down time and I came home tired and ready to rest. Unfortunately, the Vacation time was over (due to the Alberta Government decreeing that all students and teachers return to school 10 days earlier this year). So now here I am back at school - along with a whole lot of teachers and students that had their summers cut short - trying to get back into the swing of learning but still hung over from too much vacation and not enough rest. Life is so tough isn't it.

Well that is my summer story and although I am tired I am not sad to have been busy. As I look back on the events of the past year with the first anniversary of Marilyn's passing approaching I know I will always miss her deeply. We had a wonderful life together. God took her home and I remain. The question of why probably will never be answered fully until I am reunited with her and Jesus but I have found that by staying busy the pain of loneliness is somewhat subdued.

Although life goes on here on earth I have seen others suffer through the loss of their loved ones and now can better understand what they are going through. Just last August God chose to take home a wonderful friend and servant "Jackie Littel" who has been a pillar of strength for many campers, teens and counselors at Chestermere Bible Camp. Jackie passed away in early August after suffering from brain cancer for several months. I can feel the pain for her husband Frank as he must go on as director of the camp and I know that there will be a big empty hole in his life now but also a sense of relief and assurance that Jackie couldn't be happier resting in the arms of Jesus.

Also just 2 weeks ago I received an email from my son Stephen (Easton's dad) that while on Vacation visiting Erin's (his wife's) parents in Chilliwack that they got up one morning and found Erin's father (Patrick) collapsed in the shower from a massive heart attack. As we learn in the scriptures. Our lives are just a vapor that soon vanishes. In this case I don't know where Patrick's heart was or if he had a relationship with Jesus. That question can only be answered when I reach the other side. Just let me end this blog with a question for you - the reader. Where is your heart? Don't let another minute pass without being assured that when God's time for you is finished you have no doubt as to where you will spend eternity. If you need an answer to this huge question or just want to talk - don't hesitate to leave me a message or shoot off an email to me at brseeley@cbe.ab.ca - I would love to discuss it with you. Always remember there are many people wherever you live that can help with the deep questions of life

Remember God is good and he never fails.


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